Cady- Style 122

Cady- Style 122

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Stunning long gathered drop veil that trails behind in a perfectly dramatic way. The veil sits flat atop the head and is gathered into the hair comb. The veil drapes down effortlessly around the bride's shoulders in a circular shape as one continuous piece. It can be worn with the blusher down over the face or the blusher pulled back as a second layer. This piece is sheer enough to allow wedding dress details to easily show through.   The veil is hand sewn to a high quality metal hair comb for easy placement into hairstyle.  The veil is available in the various lengths and colors listed below.   

{Colors Available}
♡ White
♡ Light Ivory
♡ Ivory
♡ Oyster
♡ Blue Dust
*Order color swatch page here*

{Available Lengths}
♡ Floor Veil Length/Blusher Length = 75"/30"
♡ Chapel Veil Length/Blusher Length = 90"/44"
♡ Cathedral Veil Length/Blusher Length= 108"/44"
♡ Royal Cathedral Veil Length/Blusher Length= 132"/44"

{Other Topics to Note}
♡ Veils are made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for production prior to shipping.
♡ Rush orders are available and can be requested by purchasing a "Rush Order" listing.
*Please allow 1-2 weeks for rush order production prior to shipping.

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