Fabric Color Swatches

Fabric Color Swatches


It is highly recommended to purchase a fabric color swatch page to match the fabric color for your accessory back to your wedding dress color prior to ordering.  This will help to ensure that you do not order the wrong color accessory, as handmade items are not able to be returned once they are made.  Listed below are the styles that coordinate with each fabric, tulle or netting fabric, please ensure that you are ordering the correct fabric sample according to the style you are interested in.

{Standard Bridal Tulle Fabric}
Style 100- Amelie
Style 101- Aimee
Style 102- Anya
Style 103- Anita
Style 104- Arabella
Style 105- Ariana
Style 106- Azra
Style 107- Ainsley
Style 108- Aleah
Style 109- Bethanie
Style 110- Bianca
Style 111- Becca
Style 112- Brea
Style 113- Brielle
Style 116- Colette
Style 117- Cassidy
Style 118- Celeste
Style 122- Cady
Style 200- Analise
Style 202- Avery
Style 203- Ava
Style 403- Abygail
Style 502- Bonnie
Style 505- Corinne
Style 509- Caprice

{English Tulle}
Style 114- Caroline
Style 120- Constance
Style 121- Channing

{Point D'Esprit}
Style 115- Cora

{Silk Tulle}
Style 119- Chelle

{French Netting}
Style 204- Anabelle
Style 205- Alana

Style 508- Charlize

{Sparkle Dotted Tulle}
Style 506- Celine
Style 507- Carina

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