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About Alice & Mae

Thoughtfully named after Alyssa's grandmother who inspired her career path in design, Alice & Mae Bridal launched in early 2015.  We offer handmade and bespoke bridal veils, hair adornments, sashes, wedding dress cover ups, and other custom pieces. Our desire is to ensure each bride is equally as inspired by her accessories as she is her dress.  

Incorporating the finest materials such as french laces, silk ribbons,  freshwater pearls, fine crystals, and the softest tulles.  Every piece is meticulously curated and handmade upon order to each bride's specifications in our Nashville design studio.  Our pieces are of heirloom quality and may be passed down and worn by generations to come.

For brides located in and around Nashville, we offer in-person consultations and design meetings upon request.   We are also happy to offer our design services to brides worldwide through online communication.



About The Designer

Years after my grandmother Alice Mae's passing, I had to choose what career path I wanted to pursue. It was not until I was digging through family heirlooms in my grandparent's old farmhouse, that I realized I would focus on design.  I had uncovered my grandmother's fashion illustrations from the 40's and I was left feeling inspired.  After earning a degree in fashion design, I went on to work with a major fashion retailer.

I realized my true calling when a friend commissioned me to create a custom wedding veil.  Collaborating with her to design a piece unique and exclusive for her wedding day revealed my adoration for bridal accessories.  I continued commissioned projects to create handmade bridal pieces.  The passion that I developed for working with brides and creating such meaningful, one of a kind pieces influenced me to turn the hobby into a profession.

I love offering brides a unique experience when investing in an Alice & Mae piece.  I will personally assist in choosing the most appropriate piece for your dress and your personal style.  If you prefer a more exclusive item, I will design a piece specifically for you.

Alyssa Lucus --Owner, Designer, Maker

Alyssa Lucus, Founder of Alice & Mae Bridal


The Story of Our Name

"My grandmother's name was Alice Mae, and she was a great inspiration to me in my youth and a very influential person to who I am today.  To me she was always the wife of a farmer, a grandmother who sewed us the best sundresses, and she had the greenest thumb and such a love for plants and flowers.  I never knew that in the 1940's she went to college for fashion design until she had passed away and I was sifting through my grandparent's attic.  I uncovered all of her illustrations and projects from school.  And I was so inspired by them that I chose to follow in her footsteps and go to school for fashion design. 60 years following my grandmother's attendance to fashion design school, I found myself at the same college carrying on her legacy.  I always knew that if I ever started my own business I would want to pay homage to her.  I feel as if it is a way to connect with her on a subject in which I wasn't able to before she passed, and I feel as if her positive energy is still flowing into this labor of love.  The reason I separate the names with the "and" is because "Alice" is the grandmother I knew as a child who was just a farmer's wife and "Mae" is the fashion designer in her that I didn't know until after she passed and who I continue to discover.  I channel both parts of her into every piece I set out to create." 

-- Alyssa


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